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Microtime Bundle

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This bundle contains...

A collection of 3 MIDI Generators and and 3 Transformers for Ableton Live for getting beyond the grid. 25% discount compared to buying all the devices separately.


Phase Pattern

Phase Pattern is a rhythm and melody generator for Ableton Live. Basically, you bend time and that creates a rhythm. Got it? It's great for "bouncing ball" rhythms like on Monolake's Toku.


Blocks is a rhythm generator for Ableton Live that uses proportions to create uneven divisions of the MIDI Clip. You can think of it as an "additive rhythm" or a "proportional rhythm".


Polyrhythm is a multitrack algorithmic sequencer for generating a quick beat or melody. I really like using it with a drum rack to get a beat started. The length of each pattern can be set independently, which makes the rhythms it generates feel a lot less boring and loop-y.



Divs is a transformer for Ableton Live 12 that subdivides notes in your MIDI clips to create ratchets, tuplets, nested rhythms. This device is great for adding decoration or rolls to rhythmic patterns.


Feel is a MIDI clip transformer for Ableton Live. In Basic mode, it's just a simple swing knob, and in Advanced mode, it's a powerful microtiming tool for dialing in a rhythm.


Segment is basically a combination of Divs and Condition Transform. The histogram section at the top, borrowed from Condition Transform, displays the notes in the clip according to their duration. You can select notes by picking specific durations, and then subdivide them with the velocity and pitch functions borrowed from Divs. Quantization and special Division Mode help tame this device's weirdness when you need that.

NOTE: You must have Ableton Live 12 Suite or Live 12 Standard with Max for Live to use this device. MIDI Tools are a new feature of Live 12.

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A pack of MIDI Tools for Ableton Live that for playful algorithmic music-making.

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$35 $32

Microtime Bundle

0 ratings
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